WHITE PAPER: A brief study on overcoming the 10 major innovation pitfalls


This white paper helps to apprehend the risks of failure in innovation and to identify the appropriate methods and tools toincrease chances of success.
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This white paper provides a synthesis of the failures in innovation and aims at presenting the extent of this phenomenon, the challenges it raises, its frequent causes and, above all, the possible solutions to overcome them.

It is based on recent studies and statistics published by innovation experts and specialised institutes.

About the authors

This white paper is the result of contributions from a multidisciplinary, passionate about innovation  team  which has been committed to supporting innovation projects for 15 years within Ixiade.

Thanks to the combined views of psychologists, sociologists, marketers, engineers and designers, the main pitfalls to overcome to avoid the risks of failure in innovation have been identified and possible solutions have been proposed.

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