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Éditions d’Innovation is a publisher specialising in books and publications related to the world of innovation and its challenges. Founded by innovation experts, Éditions d’Innovation is committed to contributing to the transmission of knowledge to maximise the chances of success of every innovation.

INNOVER PAR LES USAGES: The reference book to take action!

This book proposes approaches to “innovation through uses”, based on the practical experience of “use-oriented” innovation projects and the reflection carried out over the last 30 years by the “French School of uses”.

WHITE PAPER: A brief study on overcoming the 10 major innovation pitfalls

This white paper helps to apprehend the risks of failure in innovation and to identify the appropriate methods and tools to increase chances of success.


Éditions d’Innovation was created by Ixiade, a strategy, studies and design agency that puts the user experience at the centre of the innovation process. Éditions d’Innovation was born out of the desire of Ixiade founder Pascal PIZELLE to contribute to knowledge sharing in the support for innovation projects and to give the authors the opportunity to pass on their expertise in this field.

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