INNOVER PAR LES USAGES: The reference book to take action!

This book proposes approaches to “innovation through uses”, based on the practical experience of “use-oriented” innovation projects and the reflection carried out over the last 30 years by the “French School of uses“.

By revisiting the innovation process, this book explains how uses provide a central insight for the success of innovation. This strongly applied book includes a systematic presentation of cases and practical tools.

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What are the tools and methods to achieve it?

Between the engineer’s good idea and the new product that becomes a success, the practitioner of innovation encounters a territory where the symbolic, cultural, historical, and social dimensions of our relationship with things dominate.

It is only by taking all these dimensions into account early in the design process that the innovation practitioner is able to guide the work of engineers and design teams towards the fulfilment of the promises held out by the technology.

What is INNOVATIVE about this book?

  • It sets out the framework and the tools to effectively develop an "innovation through uses" approach

  • It offers a cross-disciplinary look at innovation, from exploration to development

  • It integrates all of the skills required for a successful innovation process, from creativity to design

How is this book OPERATIONAL ?

  • It presents an innovative process and original tools to make an innovation through uses approach operational

  • Its tools are based on the authors' long experience in advising and supporting innovative projects

  • It brings out the first concrete and useful to business reflection, which can generate opportunities for development and innovation




Founder of Ixiade


PhD in Management Sciences


PhD in Sociology


PhD in Theoretical Physics

In addition to the main authors, many experts contributed to the writing of this book. Among them, Pierre ALEX (designer), Emmanuel ANJEMBE (design project manager), Jean CAELEN (scientific advisor of Ixiade), Catherine CAYUELA (incubation support for start-ups), Michel DUBOIS (professor in social psychology at the University of Grenoble Alpes), Isabelle FOURNIÉ (consultant in qualitative fields), Dongo Rémi KOUABENAN (university professor in occupational and organisational psychology at the University of Grenoble Alpes), Philippe MALLEIN (sociologist), Lara MARITON (designer), Emmanuel RADO (designer), Naoil SBAI (PhD in social and experimental psychology), Julien SOLER (PhD in sociology and UX project manager), Christine THOMAS (ergonomic engineer) and Thomas VALLETTE (innovation project manager).

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